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Our Early Head Start program provides family-centered services for families with very young children. These programs are designed to promote the development of children ages 0 – 3 years old.

Early Head Start programs provide similar services as preschool Head Start programs, but they are tailored for the unique needs of infants and toddlers. Early Head Start programs promote the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of infants and toddlers through safe and developmentally enriching caregiving. This prepares these children for continued growth and development and eventual success in school and life.

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Head Start programs promote school readiness in preschool-aged children from low income families. Head Start programs also engage parents and other key family memebers in positive relationships, with focus on family well-being. Supporting families is a cornerstone of the program. Families are helped with information, resources and encouraging support. Parents participate in leadership roles including having a say in program operations.

Nurturing learning from birth. Success for years to come.

The science of early childhood development clearly demonstrates that brain development is most rapid in the first years of life. Early childhood programs play a prime role in these formative years. In fact, a growing body of research indicates that children’s earliest experiences have profound impacts on brain development and child outcomes. The growth that takes place in these early years is tremendous and cannot be compared with any other age. That is why we need to do everything we can to start from the very beginning to prepare children for success – in school and in life.

Gulf Regional Early Childhood Services Head Start partners with select child care programs in our area to provide children and families with increased access to high-quality early learning experiences. These partnerships support working families by providing a full-day program so that children have the healthy and enriching early experiences they need to realize their full potential. Quite simply, they can help ensure that a child’s entire day in non-parental care takes place in an environment that meets federal Head Start/ Early Head Start Program Performance Standards.

Child Development & Education

Children’s readiness for school and beyond is fostered through individualized learning experiences. Through relationships with adults, play, and planned and spontaneous instruction, children grow in many aspects of development. These include social skills, emotional well-being, language and literacy skills, mathematics, and science concepts.

Health and Wellness

Good health is essential. Head Start & Early Head Start ensures that children enrolled benefit from access to ongoing comprehensive health services, as well as a variety of opportunities to enhance and strengthen children’s mental wellness.

Family Engagement

Head Start & Early Head Start work with families as equal partners to support children’s ongoing development and learning. This can help families achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their children through social support, parental education and leadership training.

Apply for Head Start & Early Head Start

This online application is available for Head Start and Early Head Start programs in Baldwin, Clarke, Escambia and Mobile Counties. If you are interested in Early Head Start services in Mobile County, contact 251-444-1713