Training and Technical Assistance

Preparing very young children to enter school ready to learn is no small task.  Skilled early childhood education professionals are a critical success factor whose key responsibilities include:

  • watching for developing milestones with regular assessment and observation,
  • encouraging exploration for physical and cognitive growth,
  • providing safe, interesting and educational environments,
  • implementing research-based curriculum,
  • using nationally accepted and formal assessment tools,
  • developing a positive relationship with parents,
  • supporting families’ active role in participating in their child’s early learning goals,
  • and don’t forget the perpetually untied shoes along with regular milk and cookie breaks!

The training and technical assistance programs offered at Gulf Regional Early Childhood Services are the primary resource in our area for community-based early childhood education training. We provide the essential information that professionals need to improve their skills.  Our educational programs meet the highest standards for continuing education and training, earning our agency the distinction of being awarded Authorized Provider status by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training, the accrediting organization for Continuing Education Training credit (CEU).

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We want you to get the most out of your training experience with us. That’s why we put some helpful tips and training policies together for you. Please read over them before registering and attending training events!

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Download the Training Request Form, complete it and return it to us to get a transcript of your GRECS Training classes that you’ve successfully completed. Have questions? Please contact us!