Making a BIG Impact with Simple Items

Gulf Regional Early Childhood Services is proud to have been chosen by the Women United Committee as a recipient of United Way of Southwest Alabama’s 2016 Diaper Drive! Our Early Head Start families and children will greatly benefit from the community’s generosity.

We all know that diapers are a basic need for young children, but here are some things that you might not have thought of about how the need for diapers impacts a family –

Diapers are as essential to a child’s health and well-being as food, shelter, and a parent’s love.

Many families struggle to afford diapers, and few resources exist to help them. Diapers cannot be purchased with food stamps and are classified with cigarettes, alcohol, and pet food as disallowed purchases.

Diapers impact the physical, mental, and economic well-being of children and parents.

Most child care centers require parents to provide a day’s supply of disposable diapers. In many cases, if the parents cannot provide the diapers, their children will not be able to attend; therefore, enabling the parents to not go to work or school.

An inadequate supply of diapers forces many parents to leave their child in a soiled diaper longer than is appropriate, which frequently leads to diaper rash, and may cause staph infections and urinary tract infections.

At a rate of 6 diapers per day per child, diaper wearing children in poverty in the US require more than 5.8 billion diapers annually to keep them clean, dry, and healthy.



Thanks to the generosity of our community, GRECS will be distributing over 3,000 diapers and 1,500 wipes to children and families in Mobile County!

What an honor to be a United Way of Southwest Alabama Partner Agency!



All of the information and statistics stated in this post were originally posted on United Way of Southwest Alabama’s website and has been republished with permission. View the original post here. Visit UWSA’s website for other community initiatives as well as an update of how other agencies were impacted by the 2016 Diaper Drive.

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