Early Care Education

Our program of Training and Technical Assistance is grounded with foundational trainings expanded beyond the classroom through our lending library and teacher work area, as well as with onsite training and professional development consultation. GRCMA ECD training programs support the professional development framework required for licensing compliance, for the CDA professional credential and related to the professional development levels of the Alabama Pathways to Quality Care and Education Core Knowledge Areas (CKA). Each training is identified by GRCMA ECD on our publications, training announcements, transcripts and training verification documents so that our participants may apply them as appropriate for the following:

Alabama Minimum Standards Required Training Catagories
  • Child Growth and Development
  • Health, Safety and Universal Precautions
  • Quality Child Care and Licensing
  • Child Care Professional and the Family
  • Language Development
  • Positive Discipline and Guidance
  • Administration
Alabama Pathways to Quality Care and Education Core Knowledge Areas
  • (CGD) Child Growth and Development
  • (HSN) Health, Safety and Nutrition
  • (LEE) Learning Experiences and Enrichment
  • (DIV) Diversity
  • (COA) Child Observation and Assessment (Planning for Individual Needs)
  • (ICFC) Interaction with Children, Families and Community
  • (PPD) Personal and Professional Leadership Development
  • (MA) Management and Administration
Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) Functional Areas of Study
  1. (1) Planning a safe, healthy environment
  2. (2) Steps to advance children;s physical and intellectual development
  3. (3) Positive ways to support children’s social and emotional development
  4. (4) Stategies to establish productive relationships with families
  5. (5) Stategies to manage an effective program operation
  6. (6) Maintaining a commitement to professionalism
  7. (7) Observing and recording children’s behavior
  8. (8) Principles of child growth and development