Early Head Start Wellness

Health and Disability Services

Early Head Start Mobile! recognizes that every child must be healthy and well-nourished to learn and grow to his or her full potential. Early Head Start Mobile! assists families in accessing comprehensive health services available in the communities. The goal is to support healthy physical development by encouraging practices that prevent illness or injury and by promoting positive, culturally relevant health behaviors that enhance life- long well- being. The comprehensive health services include medical, dental, nutritional and mental health services. Health services include working with families to establish and maintain a medical and dental home. Efforts are made to assist families with obtaining medical and dental care including; well-baby and well-child visits, immunizations, dental examinations and any follow-up treatment that may be required. The program strives to assist in prevention and early detection by providing annual medical, dental, and developmental screenings for children.

Nutritious meals and snacks are served each day in the program. A Registered Dietician helps to ensure that all meals that are served are balanced and culturally sensitive of the families. Breast-feeding is welcomed and encouraged and careful provisions are made to meet the nutritional needs of the infants in the program. Pregnant women are provided information on the importance of breastfeeding, prenatal visits, dental exams and education on the stages of fetal development, postpartum depression and risks of substance abuse.

Disability services are also provided to assist and support children with diagnosed disabilities and their families. These and all other services are individualized to meet the needs of each child and family.

Health Services Advisory Committee

An important component of Early Head Start Mobile’s health services is the Health Services Advisory Committee. The committee meets twice each year and is composed of parents, program staff, and representatives of the local community. The committee serves as a way for our program to build strong partnerships that help us determine when, where and how our children and families receive their health services. This Committee also helps to ensure that we assist our families in accessing comprehensive health services.